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What a tangled web do we weave 😉

After almost a week in Delhi (being in freed.in and wordcamp) finally made the move to Dharamshala. The last couple of days before moving to Dharamshala had a bit of cough and cold hence changed plans from Delhi-Pathankot-Dharamshala to Delhi-Pathankot-Kangra-Dharamshala. This route adds about 3 hours more to the overall journey but lessens the distance one has to travel by bus. I reached Pathankot from Delhi via (4033) Jammu Mail. The train started from Old Delhi Station at 21:50 instead of the appointed time of 21:30 and reached Pathankot at 8:00 instead of 7:30 . Then there is a narrow guage line from Pathankot to Kangra Valley. The train started at 10:20 and reached Kangra at 15:15 (3:15 p.m.) in the afternoon. If I wasn’t suffering from cold and cough then would have been a beautiful journey. There were many beautiful sights to see especially after a place called NadhurBar (the place is actually called that, I’m not making this up). Anyways after reaching Kangra, one has to hop down to the main Road and take one of the many buses which take you to the bus-stand. From the main bus stand you take one of the buses to Dharamshala or Lower Dharamshala as its known. The bus took around an hour taking the Kangra-Duggal-Dharamshala route. There were many interesting things I saw :-

a. Railways :- The older token system where actually a person gives a big round wheel as token for next section still exists. This was something I didn’t expect. In most of the places where broad guage has come up and electrification has taken this is all but obsolete.

b. Schools :- The amount of schools I saw between Pathankot and Kangra have to be seen in believed. The boys and schools in their school uniforms looked mighty smart. How good or bad the schooling is perhaps a different deal altogether. In fact, one of the schools was on the way down from Kangra Station to the main Road. This school, in particular was a product of the Sarva Shikshan Abhiyaan done by Congress. Couple of marks to them for the same.

c. Beauty :- Beauty whether people, nature was all around. No words to express the same.

Expenses one can expect :-

a. Delhi -Pathankot Railway ticket :- Rs. 202/- (source Indian Railways)

b. Pathankot – Kangra Station railway ticket :- Rs. 20/-

c. Kangra Station to the Bus Stand :- Rs. 04/-

d. Kangra Bus Stand to Dharamshala :- Rs. 20/-

e. Staying at Lower Dharamshala (Guest House) :- Rs. 150-2000/- (depending on where you stay)

f. Laundry :- It now costs Rs. 20/- per pair of clothes

What makes it all worthwhile though is the view of the snow-capped Dhauladhar mountains. Its going to take me a week but would go upstream to Mcleodganj and then Bhagsu.

Till l8er from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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