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Hi all,
There is lots to share today. The first though is some bad news. The bad news is that the Indian Goverment has approved a ropeway project connecting Upper Dharamkot to Triund and I fear that soon Triund will be full of shops and there may be no snowfall on Triund as well.

A good thing to report it rained couple of days before in Bhagsu. It just didn’t rain but there was hale as well. The rains must have been for 3-4 hours and then it became pretty cold at night. There is possibility that maybe there was snowfall at Triund.

The day after went to Bagsunag waterfall. It comes after the old bhagsunag temple. The route which was scraggy and stuff has been made of concrete although time to time landslides break the road.

The same night there was a trance/techno party at a place which was 500 meters from the place I’m staying. As this is a valley the sound travels everywhere. The music which I was hearing could be described as a mix of ambient pop-techno stuff. I heard lot of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s numbers (bollywood) as well as some music of the beat generation.

The next day after, Jean (he pronounces it john with the n silent) invites me for breakfast and I discover sesame bread. Also find a nice little bakery which is near the main square in Mcleodganj for stuff.

Another good thing that came to be is that the lady of the house is not single anymore and has found a man for herself as well as her children. The guy is an influential person in the village and has quite a bit of property of himself.

Little bit of the lady (from now on couple) couple’s property they also grow a bit of garlic, potato and have planted 5-6 saplings of apple trees. The apple trees would take something like 4-5 years to give its product.

They also have now two cows (a mother and her child) with the mother giving between 11-13 litre daily which she produces for the child. The child is around 7-8 months old. There also is a rooster and two hens.

Part of the extended property is also now a Hall which would be most probably be used as a meditation Hall when the season starts as well as a Cafe. Also they are now building a cow+hen-shed by levelling the ground.

For the cow (hen-shed project) they got a ‘mistri’ (a sort of building engineer or something close to that) and few labourers and a stone-cutterer. The mistri and the stone-cutter get between Rs. 250-Rs.300/- per day which includes their own tools. Material such as cement and sand etc. is provided by the owner. The whole project would take something like a week or something.

Day before yesterday, a Russian couple became my neighbors. There names are Lena and Pacha. Lena speaks little bit of English while Pasha cannot speak at all in English. They say they joined Buddhism while in Russia about couple of years back and many people do that nowadays. They seem to be a fanatic taste for Rum, they got something called ‘TomTom’ which they drink morning, afternoon, evening and night. They invited me for a drinking session and it was nice.

While conversing came to know they have been together for 3 years. Lena while being an individual also seems to still feel guilty for her lifestyle.

Chatted today morning with the the mistri. The mistri shared couple of stories with me. One was about his helper who has a habit of drinking, (in fact most of the male villagers seem to drink everyday in the village and its nothing new.) doesn’t come on time and has a loan of Rs. 1500 on his head. Apparently, he also doesn’t contribute to the household anything.

Couple of other stories he shared was about how a couple (from India, Delhi to be precise) started a body massage business and in 2 years have got a 4 storied building (the only one in bhagsu so far). He also shared about an agreement which was between an Engish woman and a local guy to where the lady would invest her time, energy and money while the guy would help with the land deals. 3 years on after all the land was bought, the villagers nixed the agreement and somehow made all of it in his name.

One interesting point he did share that people in the village would eat each other if the tourist does not come. He shared about how people in neighboring towns and villages have either apples or other fruits as well as ‘charas’ and people make millions in the process while here due to the terrain this is not possible here.

That’s about another post from the frontiers of bhagsu 😉

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