Life, death and celebration

Hi all,
Sorry for not putting up any posts in the recent past. Just so many things have been happening just absorbing stuff takes time. This post would be about recent events happening around Bhagsu.

One of my neighbor’s cow just recently gave birth to a calf. This happened just 2 days back. As told in earlier posts there are few fortunate people who have land as well as cows apart from rooms for travelers (mainly westerners is their target group). Apart from the happy occasion I also came to know for mating with a suitable buffalo costs anything between Rs. 300-400/- per day and usually it takes anything from 3-5 days for the mating to happen. The buffalo should be in heat for the mating to happen. The calf is a male so later they can hope to earn from him as well.

Apart from this happy occasion also came to know a sad story/fact about a girl/woman who had just turned 24. A local girl. Apparently, she became pregnant after having an affair with a local guy. As she became pregnant she either committed suicide or was murdered (she either didn’t see a way out) unlike in the cities. The body was cremated on the same day. If the same would have happened to a city girl like in Pune or Mumbai she would have aborted or gone ahead and raised the child. I know of few courageous women who have done so with few of the NGO’s I’ve worked in the past.

The other thing this time is that the marriage season is full-on in Bhagsu. So every night I hear loud hindi music (old or new hindi songs with some trance/techno beats thrown in for effect) . The result is sometimes shocking. The celebration goes till late night although the music should be shut off by 23:00 hours.

Apart from that it has been raining hard with mist and seeing snowfall in and around Triund. Today the weather cleared a bit otherwise wouldn’t have been able to post. Each day you see beautiful nature, women it makes it harder and harder to leave the place. What to do 😉 ?

Day off in another episode of beautiful bhagsu


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2 Responses to “Life, death and celebration”

  1. Ankit Says:

    Oh God .. it is raining and snowing ??
    I was expecting to see beautiful green Triund …
    I hope things clear up in the next two weeks ..

    And that Ropeway to Triund thing is apparently going to happen .. The government has floated tenders for its construction and if everything goes as per the Governments plans then Triund will have a ropeway in the next three years … 😦

    So where are you going to go next ?

    • shirishag75 Says:

      It might possibly get cleared up in the next week or so. It started raining a bit today afternoon as well.

      I’m trying to get some path sorted out to go to Kathgodam/Almora but can’t get any ideas. I’m looking for a good train journey rather than bus journeys to there.

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