birds,butterflies and GPS

Hi all,
This post would be about some more flora and fauna discovering while living in bhagsu.

Sorry for not writing in some time. I don’t know if I described the beautiful pigeon I saw couple of days ago. It was a beautiful one with an orange colored beak, yellow rings around the eyes and a tail slightly longer than its own body. Today, saw one of those pigeons has a nest near the place I stay.

One of the other things which I got to know is the tree species I was talking about earlier. It turned out to be a pine tree and the change which is coming as its spring.

One of the interesting conversations on the same I had with a local friend Mandeep and Canadian friend John. What came to light is that in India pine and such kind of fine trees are expensive and hence they are being cut mercilessely while in Canada because there are not expensive they are not cut so much.

One of the other things which I observed is that locals now know that cutting trees is not good so they cut branches and then move on rather than cutting the whole tree which is obviously a good thing.

Another interesting observation has been seeing bunches of butterflies flying above the valley and they are beautiful. Of course, the question still remains what’s with the butterflies path?

Are they migrating from somewhere to somewhere? OR

Are they dying when they reach poing B ?

or do they mate at point B?

or is there a path or is it a general direction they go somewhere?

no ideas.

Last but not the least, have finally got the GPS device working. I hope to get atleast some GPS traces of where I have been in few days or so. The GPS device has been lent to me from srijan technologies so part of the credit should go there if things work out. There are still few things which need to be smoothened out but let’s see what works.

Here’s out for another beautiful day in bhagsu.

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