Friends & memories

Hi all,
This post would be about meeting long-lost friends and a butterfly story 😉

I’m not a superstitious man by nature. But sometimes things happen in such a way that one doesn’t know what to make of it. Couple of days before somebody told me that if a butterfly touches you/kisses you or anything like that it basically is a good omen. I let that pass not rubbishing it, nor believing it either. Yesterday, a butterfly came and sat on my shoulder for a moment and went away.
After that the whole day I was meeting friends, something from like 10 years ago and newer and also made some new friends. Something like 10 odd people, all in one day, mostly from Europe. And almost all the friends about whom I had been curious or they had been at the back of my mind, all of them I met yesterday. It was, I should say the most wonderful and the most craziest day of my life yet 😉 So should I/we believe in the butterfly story or should I believe in the co-incidence story, I leave that to your better judgment

Sayo nara for now 🙂


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