Child labor

While traveling once in a while you see something which you don’t know what to make of. Today at a certain restaurant in Almora I saw a guy telling a kid to work for someone else. The kid was scared and hardly 10 years old. He was scared and rightly so. The restaurant owner gave him Rs. 300/- and gave his home no. as well as cell number.

After the kid left, the restaurant owner said he knows the kid’s family. They are very poor. To the people he’s going they are teachers by profession. If the kid remained with him he would be doing dishes the whole day and never be anything wiser. This place they have promised to give him food and board and Rupees thousand as salary (and even more ) and he would be doing some menial jobs. They would also try to educate him as well.

I felt pity, both for myself and the kid as there is no way I could help him. A part of me is also circumspect of the various NGO’s working for child welfare. At the end of it all felt its a zero sum game with no end in sight 😦

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