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Upper Bhagsu

March 4, 2009

Hi all,
I moved to Bhagsu about a day back. While Mcleodganj is 3 kms. (straight up from Dharamsala) , the Upper Bhagsu is perhaps another 1.5 kms up. Its a lovely place, I am residing in the place just below Mystery Cafe. Bhagsu and Upper Bhagsu has its own character and people. Its thronged by backpackers from all over the world while Dharamkhot is also known as ‘Little Israel’ .

Bhagsu is also known as bhagsunath. Its basically a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
There’s also a nice, beautiful waterfall just next to it . More about sometime later.

The place I have got is a sacred place. I am/was able to experience Reiki all over again. While there are many schools of Reiki, I know/experience only the ‘Usui Traditional’ way/method of Reiki. That experience is as mysterious as love and just cannot be experienced.

What I can share is my love for Bhagsu. The place I have as told before is just below Mystery Cafe. On the right (viewing from the house) one can see a whole range of Dauladhar trees and the whole valley, while on the right, the path which takes one to Dharamkot and then to Triund, SnowLine and beyond.

The blessed thing is of course, the only sound is one which the neighbors or I make, no trucks, no vehicles so one is at peace.

One of the interesting places while going up to my place I remember is a place called Sky-Pie.

Sky-Pie (the last time I was here) was known for its awesome banoufi. Banoufi, I guess is a jewish name for Banana Pie and yes most of the times they used to get it just right. Not too sweet, nor too little, just right.

One of the interesting characters or people I met again while in Mcleodganj is a person called Ramesh. He’s a cobbler whom I had met about 3 years back. Much to my surprise or not, he has an e-mail address and his child is sponsored by somebody from Europe/States. He had couple of accidents (one in 2004, the other in 2006) and people helped him to save his leg from being amputated.

The tourist season has not begun as yet and hence there is some semblance of sanity here. There has been no snowfall this year as I came to know.

All in all, its one of the best times of learning, experiencing life all around me. There is still lot left to discover and remember of the place.

Till the next time we met 😉