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Flora, fauna,bhagsu-mcleod road

March 7, 2009

Hi all,
Sorry for being away for couple of days. Had been having (I have been told as mild) case of diarrhea. Hence while have been loafing around haven’t been blogging as I should.
What has been interesting me the most is the flora and fauna of the land (apart from working on the self)

On the flora faunt have spotted red, pink, orange, off-white and yellow flowers. Yellow flowers being the most abundant while these others are rare. These are all near where I am, which has people and is slightly dense place.

On the fauna front have seen parakeets with long tails, mongoose, pigeons, red-bottomed langurs, lizards , eagles (with a single white band across the neck and on both the wings), pigeons,the crow and small bird we have in the cities. What has been surprising and interesting is to see how close these birds can get. I have seen most of these birds upclose 5 feet or even less and in great detail. Even the crow has a fine silkish black sheen all across the back and wings (as if it has been polished)

What really cracks me up when I get each morning is imagining how it might be 100 years back or even 500 years back. Each time the imagination is a bit more wilder and feel perhaps I might have been a bird or animal or the ancient man who walked on this earth. Just taking what is needed rather than trying to take all. Just eat as much as needed and leave the rest untouched.

One of the beautiful stretches is from Mcleodganj-Bhagsu as well as some other ones as well. Its a beautiful stretch and can only be experienced if one is walking through it. Each time the sun plays shadows and one is greeted with new views to the mountain. The best is when there are no people and its you and the mountains, feeling blessed to be here at this point in time being able to see, hear and experience the beauty. Slowly, a silent or not so silent prayers goes into the wind.

To end today’s story, as someone once said “travelers are very much pilgrims’ I do feel the same lots of time. In gratitude of having food when I’m hungry, overjoyed to have lukewarm to warm water, thankful even for the mild diarrhea as the ability to feel change is not lost.

All in all, feel drugged and spirited at the same time. Wish you all a Happy Holi;)