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neighbour Jean

March 9, 2009

Hi all,
Sorry for the long absence. Today had a long talk with my neighbour Jean. Jean is 56, male, from South of France, ship-builder by profession and has interests in travelling and spirituality. He has experienced/done few practises with spirituality and lives by the understanding derived from the practises and methodologies.
He is living in Bhagsu about a month before and hopes to be here for another couple of months. He has made a small kitchen for himself where he cooks for himself and has got a table for his laptop.

He shared few interesting tales about his travels around the world. One in particular is worthwhile sharing. This story/experience is of sometime back.

There was some village in Atlantic and that village had only 1 photocopy shop. He goes to this photocopy shop and asks the owner how much is it to photocopy a single copy of something (A4 size, regular stuff) . He says its 10 pence or something. Then my friend asks what for 500 copies. Instead of it becoming lower in per unit price the price would be higher.

A similar experience he had with a guest house in bhagsu the year before. He was living in a guest house where the owner had his shop downstairs. So the owner used to get up at 6 a.m. and the whole family (wife, children) make all sorts of noises. Fifth day jean had to leave because it was all too much.

All in all, it was an interesting morning/afternoon to know and learn about many things from a different perspective.

Till we meet again 🙂