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Dal Lake and John in Wilderness

March 14, 2009

Hi all,
Today went to Dal Lake after 5 years. Went through the concrete road to the lake as don’t know/remember the way which is through the jungle. Took up better part of an hour, hour and a half and back the same. The lake is much much dirtier then the last time I was here but its good for the walk. On the way and back saw lot of construction happening. Also saw that TCV is also building couple of floors adding to the building which is already there.

Coming down from Dal Lake saw some children. most probably they are in TCV, maybe 6th-7th class students who were cleaning a nullah or the drainage (maybe it got choked or something don’t really know) but felt nice to see that young people are doing some bit for the environment. If nothing else, hopefully they will have better civic sense than me (and/or people of my generation). It is a slightly complex issue but let’s leave that for some other time.

Then in the afternoon was invited to a walk to an old church which is known as John in the Wilderness.
For me the name seemed a bit weird (thought it was a song we were going to sing in the church or something) , the walk is about 10-15 minutes from Mcleodganj and was nice weather.

Apparently some of the dead have been vandalized and the church seems to be in slightly bad shape. There has been a call for 0.5 million Rupees and don’t know how much has been collected so far. There is a single father/parish who looks after the whole church and he has a pet dog who gives company to the father and roams the grounds at night.

One of the interesting things I saw there on some of the olden plaques its written as dharamshalla and not as dharamsala as is known today. Also met some people from the bible society who were there for the meeting and stuff like that. All in all, had a good walkabout. Till l8er 😉