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The Nepalis

March 16, 2009

Hi all,
Had met a bunch of people whose ancestors were in Nepal and had come to India. Talking to people came to know that there is significant chunk of population which lives in Forsythganj, Dal Lake, Chandwadi where 100% of the population is made of the Nepali community and all of them are in the Gorkha Rifles. There is also a village called Tota-Rani which is made of ex-servicemen and their families only.

Most of people came from Nepal in the 18th century. One of the interesting things I found is adultery as we know it is practiced with most of the Nepalis having atleast 2 wives. I came to know of two cases (in one case the woman knows, in the other she doesn’t)

Also came to know that in Malana people have multiple wives as well.Something in the range of 7-8 wives.

All in all a very productive day. Out for now 😉