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Night, dogs and Shantaram

March 20, 2009

Hi all,
There are many stories which are happening and keep happening in the triad called Mcleodganj, Bhagsunag, Dharamkot . One of the small interesting (now I can call it) experiences happened 2-3 days back one fine late evening (20:30 hours) . This is mountain area. I was going back to my room which passes some dark patches on the way. On one of these patches there were 2 dogs, one I guess was playful the other making grrr noises.
Just as this was happening, I imagined the dog-fight scene from Shantaram . Unfortunately I didn’t have a stick with me to push the dogs away, so I did the next best thing, just take very slow steps away while seeing them to outside the territory. Somehow the tactic worked and I was home-free. The whole experience might have not lasted even 10 mins.

Its not the bite which is terrible, its the 14 anti-rabies or 3-5 expensive anti-rabies injections which are the real pain.

Anyways, there’s much more to share but perhaps another time 😉