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May 7, 2009

While traveling sometimes you experience racism. Couple of examples to show you what I mean :-

a. There is a guesthouse in kasardevi where I was residing. The name of the guesthouse is laxmi guest house. In no uncertain terms I was told the first time that I was unwelcome as I’m Indian. Although they let me stay for a while but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. What was funny was to hear the son ‘Mukesh’ rambling about the hygiene of westerners and the unpleasantness of the whole thing while not being happy with Indians as well.

b. The other example is of a restaurant called Armellia Restaurant. This is at a place called Tranquility Lodge. I went there at 10 a.m. and was told the following .

a. We don’t serve outsiders.
b. The restaurant opens at 12:30 something.

I immediately went back to the menu in case it was something I missed. Instructions and rules like these are usually written on the menu, but unfortunately this time it was not. Not even ‘Admission reserved’ or ‘Admission by choice’ nothing.

Apart from these two small incidents I have been a good time. I just moved to a place called ‘Pink House’ . This place although slightly expensive at 170/- is a good deal as it offers a 360 degree view of everything around as well as a welcome/complimentary ‘hot shower’ with no racism.

I have also been enjoying the hospitality of a certain ‘Ram Kishan Guest House’ as well as the accompanying ‘Anand Library’ . I have just finished Clive Baker’s ‘Thief of Always’ a harry potterish kinda tale but told in an interesting manner. It was cool to know he was the egg head who wrote the ‘Hellraiser’ trilogy. That’s about it for now, next post from bageswar if the stars are right.