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February 27, 2009

Hi all, Today I went to a place called Sheela Village. This Village is something like 7 kms. down from Dharamsala.

What I did is do a walk-down from Dharamsala to this place called Sheela. I had heard about this place as it was rumored to also have a beautiful Osho Ashram. While I wouldn’t comment on the Ashram itself I would surely like to talk about this place called Sheela-Passu. One reaches sheela from Dharamsala-Dari-Sheela. While Dharamsala-Dari its preferable to go by public or private transport, from Dari to Sheela, you have a beautiful stream which gives you company till Sheela-Passu Rain Shelter bus stop (and beyond which unfortunately I didn’t go).

The local populace talk in Kangdi or Pahari as its known. The women as elsewhere you will see all around as they do all the work and they are all beautiful.

What I was stuck by is the sheer gentle nature of the stream, the greenery all around and the Dauladhar mountains sometimes on the side, sometimes on the back.

What was also interesting to note is that while the whole of Dharamsala is run by red-bottomed langurs, dari and beyond seems to be the domain of lizards. I have never seen so many lizards up-close and so fearless of human company. I’m sure an ethologist would have a field day studying the various animal patterns.

In fact, that reminds me, the langurs that are observed here seem more controlled or restrained then the ones found in Delhi. I’m sure somebody may have researched on the subject as well.

One slightly interesting thing which I also observed while on the walk/trek/trail/whatever is that in Dari most of the houses/shops showed a mixture of Rajasthani/Marwari/Gujrati architecture, old places, maybe 50-100 years.

Almost all the bridges connecting Dari – Sheela which are on opposite banks are pretty recent, the one I went through was only done in 2005.

I also found a mention of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana with a placard showing an arrow pointing to the road. Whether or not it was done or something which already existed before the scheme came perhaps would have been answered by the local people.

All in all, it was a nice walk. I’m sure Himachal Pradesh has hundreds of such hidden beautiful places which even if I spend my whole lifetime would not be able to cover.

Here’s saying adieu to another day 😉