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March 16, 2009

Hi all,
Yesterday was cool. First item on the day’s list was to see another place. Finally found a place which has a good view and is pretty comfortable as well. Will be moving there come tomorrow morning.

The next item on the agenda was to go from Upper Bhagsu to Shiva Cafe. The path was uneasy at few places but rest of it was cool. Reached Shiva Cafe something around lunch time.

While having lunch came to know that Venus Cafe was doing a jam session from 18:30 till late. As it had been a long long time that I had been in a jam session decided to be in this one.

The jam session was held at waterfall. I would have to describe the waterfall to you. The waterfall at this point in time is just a little hole in the wall. Not much to look at, in the monsoon though it becomes a torrent. Its between two mountains connecting each other where the water from the mountains (the snow melting) comes down.

People started coming something like 18:45-19:00 hours. Met somebody named Claudia (she was French Canadian or something for she understood french as well as English). We chatted a while and then the jam session really got underway. While Claudia and her friends departed at 22:00 hours the party went till the wee hours of morning. We sang a mix of bhajans, some S.D. and R.D.Burman hits and everything in-between. I sang after a long long time as well hit some notes on the djembe and felt nice.

Then something around 3 a.m. people started to drift to sleep. Could see the half-moon and the stars and finally slept among the stars and the moon. All in all a nice day 😉